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For Parents and Carers

“Mental health is to do with a variety of factors. As well as the individual, it includes the environment they live in, their family, how they think, how they learn and how they manage at school.  The aim is to support young people to understand what sits behind their anxiety and what triggers it and to grow into their emotional resilience.”


Professor Tanya Byron,

Clinical Psychologist and NSPCC Trustee

As parents you will want to help give your children the best start in life so that they can thrive, achieve their full potential and grow up in a supportive, nurturing environment.  However, there may be times   when you may have questions about your child’s behaviour, emotional wellbeing or their mental health.  

You may be concerned that they are often angry, have violent outbursts, are sad and anxious or lack confidence in how they look, feel and in expressing themselves or feeling comfortable with their personal identity.  They might find it difficult to make friends, or refuse to go to school, or they have experienced bullying and get stressed out about homework and exams.  I am able to offer support through one to one counselling with your child.  I am trained in working with children and young people and can utilise both Behavioural Therapy, Art and Play Therapy in addition to other  therapeutic interventions to assist in enabling your child to explore their feelings and emotions in a non- directive and less intrusive way.   

You may be struggling as parents to cope with your child’s behaviour and this is putting a great strain on your relationship with your children, their siblings and your partner. Often parents say they feel like they are “walking on eggshells at home” and are struggling to communicate with their child and are fearful of saying the wrong thing that will either provoke an argument, angry exchange, violent reaction or their child retreating away.   

I offer either one to one or joint Parent Consultations where we can discuss your child’s behaviour and your concerns.  We will also focus on your own personal issues, parenting skills and relationship dynamic but with a focus on building and strengthening your family relationships.  

You will have the opportunity to explore:

  • the communication behind the behaviour; 

  • your relationship with your  children and parenting; 

  • your  current personal circumstances, relationships and environmental stressors; 

  • consider  how you were parented and how this may have impacted upon your own parenting behaviour and style;

  • explore cross-cultural issues that may be impacting on relational dynamics and individual personality development;

  • any triggers you can think for your child’s behaviour.

It is important to remember that you know your child best and we can work together in deciding the best course of action whether it be that your child will need counselling or referral to another agency. 

Behaviour and emotional problems in particular have a strong tendency to persist in later life, it is therefore very important to intervene early and there is strong evidence that this works. 

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