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"Your dedication to creating a safe and nurturing environment where I felt heard and understood has been instrumental to my growth and progress."


I would recommend her to anyone struggling with anxiety, she helped me immensely. 


"Your compassionate and non-judgemental approach enabled me to open up in ways I wouldn’t normally do."


“You have saved me from my depression and addiction.  You have been incredible in listening and understanding me. Thank you for being real with me. You have walked with me over a year and I have learnt to pause and think. You have been thoughtful, genuine, warm, humorous, understanding, empathetic and non-judgemental.” 

Sarah, Adult

“ You were  extremely helpful throughout our sessions. I felt very safe and there was an open environment to discuss any issues.” 

Karen, Adult

“ You are an excellent therapist. I felt supported and safe in our sessions and I made real progress in my recovery.” 

Paul, Adult

 “The counselling sessions helped me get through a stressful exam period. I really valued the therapy sessions with you.”

Age 16

“I really enjoyed having my own space to chill with someone and talk about stuff bothering me.” 

Age 15

“I felt safe and comfortable; my anxiety lessened because I was talking to someone who listened and cared.  I was given a lot of coping strategies to help me feel better. I am much better now.”

Age 11

“I felt I was being listened to. I was able to talk about how lonely I felt; feeling confused and angry. I was able to understand why I got angry at school and with my friends. Counselling gave me confidence to feel happier in myself.”

Age 14

“We were able to talk things through helped me to find my own solutions to problems.” 

Age 12

“Debrina has done a superb job in leading the counselling provision at a time of considerable change for our school and supporting our students.”

Head Teacher,

Secondary School

“Your incredible commitment to all that you do, has made a difference in the lives of many children and young people.”

Head of Services,

Children's Charity 

“Debrina is insightful when working with her clients, offering them support and warmth to explore issues without fear of judgement.  She works effectively and professionally when working complex child protection concerns.”

Pastoral Lead,

Secondary School

“Debrina has been an excellent professional; highly able and motivated practitioner. She works in a client centred way, enabling the children she works with to express and explore their thoughts, feelings and emotions in a safe, supportive and contained way.”

Senior Leader,

Primary School

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